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Md. Sadiq Ali

Founder - National Amritsari

National Amritsari catering is the brainchild of pioneer Mr. Sadiq Ali who earlier began his career with Hotel Eros Intercontinental. The foundation for National Amritsari was set up many decades ago and he also set up groundwork which created the basis of prosperous future for the company. The inspiration behind starting his own culinary catering service was to bring out several bread varieties.

Since from 1983

Being in the business since 35 years, we’ve built around an impression of the being the finest in Punjabi and North Indian cuisine. National Amritsari caters to a wide clientele with more than 1100 recipes on its menu. National Amritsari invites you to join for a delicious sojourn of premium flavors and richness in our every dish.

Initially handling only, a small client base and gradually diversifying and extending menu dishes, National Amritsari is now a valued name amongst everyone who loves Punjabi and North Indian food.

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Dal Moradabadi is amongst the most popular street food in north Indian city of Moradabad. The recipe here is the same Dal in fusion form that is, served with Middle-Eastern Pita bread. The recipe is made with split mung bean/yellow split lentil which is relatively simple to digest. The recipe involves cooking lentils and tempering it with salted butter, hing (Asafoedita) and red chili powder. While serving you need to sprinkle dry roasted cumin powder, lemon juice, crushed and roasted dry red chili and additionally you can also add a little bit grated paneer (cottage cheese).


Amongst the most savored typical traditional Lahori snack is the Katlama and is mostly available in festival season. The dish is mostly topped with Basin. The Pakistani dish has been relished worldwide for its refreshing aroma and mouthwatering flavors.

Pakistani cuisine is among the lesser known meals of the sub-continent and is completely custom, packed with a lot of recipes. Pakistani delicacies bear a lot of resemblance to the North Indian food and also include recognizable Middle Eastern and Central Asian affects and are mostly meat oriented.


The vegetable Kandhari naan is flat leavened bread baked which is often baked on Tandoori wall lining. The Kandhari naan is one of the rare bread which is made with leavened dough, vegetables and rich sprinkle of almonds and ground pistachios.


Everyone knows about the famous Murgh Malai Tikka recipe and the dish is a total delight when combined with other recipes. The dish has bit size chicken pieces cooked with a creamy marinade of cheese, yogurt, garlic, chilli and ginger. The combination of creamy yogurt along with the heat of ground chilli paste and the warmth of garam masala powder creates a proper blend of balanced flavors.

Murgh Malai tikka is a simple recipe and is ideal as a mid-week meal. Additional of boneless chicken ensures that the recipe cooks well real quick and stays moist. While finishing the dish with a pinch of chat and garam masala it can be best served with some bread and green chutney.


Amongst starters one of the names that can hit up our minds real quick is the Mushroom Galouti Kebab. The dish is known to be quite tasty and can be used as an ideal party starter for evening snack or dinner. The recipe is pretty well known and served in parties and receptions across north India.

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Veg Main Course

With vegetarian main course on the menu we’ve got everything from the traditional Indian pakvan to the platters to Punjabi gravy dishes to create a mix of flavors in your tongue.

Non Veg-Main Course

Our non-veg main course menu delights you with some of the most exotic Indian and Mughlai dishes and we’ve got it prepared for you with the right set of ingredients to bring out superior taste from every single bite.

Special Breads

At National Amritsari we’re gladly known for our hands on in different bread varieties. Our breads prepared from the finest ingredients in expert supervision ensure you that you’ve got your bread baked fresh and healthy.



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